Tire Management

The tires are of great importance, regardless of the brand and model of the vehicle you will be using. The primary function of the tires in all conditions is to provide safety during driving. They also play an important role in the comfort and fuel consumption of your vehicles. Manufacturers usually determine the lives of their tires as 65,000-70,000 km. However, as this period is directly related to your usage, it is not right to act only with such data. Instead, the legal tread depth of 3 mm, which is the technical value limiting the functionality of the tire, should be taken as a basis. Thread depth below 3 mm imposes a risk and the effectiveness of tires below that limit is greatly reduced. When this value is taken into account, the average tire life is reduced to around 60,000 km and requires replacement.

LIDER FILO provides a set of tires every 50,000 km for rented vehicles. Also, in the event that they go below 3 mm before reaching 50,000 km, tire change is provided after the necessary evaluations. Thus, you can drive safe and will not have the pay an extra fee for it.

Upon your request, a set of winter tires will be provided for you to use in winter conditions during the operation.