Tyres Management

The tires of the vehicles you use, regardless of the brand and the model, are of great importance. The main task of tires while driving is to ensure your safety in all conditions. They also play an important role in issues such as the comfort of your vehicles and fuel consumption. Manufacturers generally specify that the expected life of tires is 65,000-70,000 km. However, since this period is directly related to your conditions of use, it is not completely correct to act with such data. Instead, a tread depth of 3 mm, which is the value that accurately limits the functionality of the tire both legally and in technical terms, is taken as a basis. A tread depth less than 3 mm poses a risk and tires that fall below this limit greatly lose their functionality. When this value is taken into account, the average tire life goes down to around 60,000 km and then requires the tires to be changed.

LİDER FİLO will provide you with a set of tires for every 50,000 km for vehicles you are to rent. Furthermore, if it falls below the limit of 3 mm before 50,000 km, the necessary evaluations will be made and the tires will be changed. As a result, your vehicles will always be safe to use and you will not pay extra for it.

Should you request them, a number of winter tires will also be provided for you to use during the winter season.