Damage Management

In today’s conditions, the repair of damages to vehicles you’re using has become a process that significantly prevents your loss of time and work. These repairs play a big role in the loss of your time and work with the incapacity period of the vehicle and a substantial cost of the repair. Securitizing all the risks that may occur during the use of the vehicle is another challenge. As LIDER FILO, we provide an insurance system in which all the possible risks that may occur are considered. In this context, all vehicles you rent from LIDER FILO have appointed an insurance system that will cover damaging situations such as accidents, floods, theft, quake, terrorist activities, etc.

In addition, the process of recovering from these damages will not affect you in any way. We realize the operation, which starts with the vehicle being delivered to the relevant service unit from the location where it is damaged, and continues until the repair is completed and the car is delivered back to you.

The backup vehicle that we will provide to you will prevent any losses. Renting with benefits provided only by LIDER FILO will provide great advantages.