If you are going to supply the cars that your company requires by purchasing them, you must have a sufficient budget. There will be serious money outflow from your budget and thus, you will have to postpone your prioritized investments. If your own capital does not allow it, vehicle purchases funded with loans will impact your company’s credibility and will have you paying a substantial amount of interest. Even if you have vehicles that you already use and you earn revenue from the second-hand sale of them, you will still have to spend on your next vehicle purchases. During the operation, many factors will still cost you money such as your vehicles’ taxes, periodic maintenance, traffic, and vehicle insurance.

Alternatively, if you obtain your vehicles from LIDER FILO with the operational leasing method, you won’t have to pay for any of these costs. You can take part in different investments for your company with the budget you were going to allocate on car purchases. You won’t have to pay large interests to banks and you can use your credit limits for investments for your businesses. If you have second-hand vehicles, you can sell them and evaluate the income from this sale as an additional source. Expenses such as periodic maintenance, insurances, taxes, tire replacement costs will be within the rental price we will offer and you won’t see any costs arising from the use of the vehicles you will rent from LIDER FILO.

The rental fees you will pay monthly will provide you with a regular schedule in your budget planning with a fixed payment plan. Instead of following dozens of invoices in accounting, a single invoice every month will lighten your workload.