You need to have a sufficient budget if you are to acquire vehicles that your company needs via methods of purchasing. There will be a serious cash outflow from your budget, so you will have to postpone your higher priority investments. If you do not have your own capital, buying a vehicle financed with bank credit will both affect your company’s credit rating and require you to pay heavy interest. Even if you have vehicles you are currently using and you generate income from second-hand sales, you will need to spend on your next car purchases. During the operation, periodical maintenance of your vehicles, traffic and automobile insurance, taxes, and many other factors will give rise to more costs for you.

You will not need to pay for any of these costs if you obtain your vehicles from LİDER FİLO via operational leasing as an alternative. You will be able to use the budget you set aside for vehicle purchases in various investments for your company. You do not have to pay the interest charges to the bank and you can make use of your credit for the investments you make in your business. If you have second-hand vehicles, you can sell them and use the income from these sales as an additional source of income. You will not see any costs arising from the use of the vehicles you will rent from LİDER FİLO, and the rental price we will offer to you includes expenses such as periodic maintenance, insurance, taxes, tire change fees etc..

The monthly rental payments will provide you with a regular schedule for your budget planning with a fixed payment plan. Instead of keeping track of dozens of invoices in your accounts, you will be relieved of your work load with a single invoice every month.